17. August 2024 12:00

Põlva Kultuurikeskuse katuseterrass

STEVEN BLAKE and Ro:ToRo (Scotland / Estonia)

Ro:Toro is a band pulsating with folk music. The nimble fingers of Sandra Vabarna and Cätlin Mägi on Estonian bagpipes form the backbone of the band that produces a virtuoso and at the same time archaic sound. Contemporary colourisation is added by the improvisations of Marko Mägi on soprano saxophone and Marek Talts on electric guitar. Estonians do not have a typical rhythmic instrument, so in the early days of his fantasy instruments Silver Sepp created a drumset from water bowls that add a cool rhythmic groove to the band.

The band Ro:Toro has previously collaborated with various bagpipe players from Scotland. This time the band is joined by Steven Blake, who will be playing on an authentic Scottish Highland pipe. Steven Blake is equally at home with traditional piping, contemporary folk music and composition. He possesses a unique style of playing that sets him apart from his peers. Steven has performed all over the world in large ensembles, as well as in intimate solo concerts.

Steven Blake – Scottish bagpipes, whistles

Sandra Vabarna – Estonian bagpipes, whistle, jew’s harp

Cätlin Mägi – Estonian bagpipes, whistle, jew’s harp

Marko Mägi – soprano and tenor saxophone

Marek Talts – electric guitar

Silver Sepp – bowl drums, vocals